I run workshops for various audiences, often with the help of Vanessa Pope, and Shivani Hassard
@VRUK 2017
Vanessa is a dramaturg, Shivani a DoP, so we have the sound, image and human elements well covered. Introductory or intermediate VR workshops are good fun, and require planning. We have some kit we can bring along to demo stuff on (for a talk or masterclass format) or depending on the group size we hire kit in. We also like lo-fi.
@ VRUK 2017
We have taught adult learners, undergraduates and post-graduates, and regularly present about our work. We like engaging audiences!

@ V&A 2017
Given the technology, it generally doesn't make sense to deliver workshops to children (manufacturers don't recommend children using headsets until they're 12 - 14 years old). Brief exposure should be fine. Should. Be.
@ my niece, my bad
But it was supervised, and just 2 minutes. The issues come with repeated or prolonged exposure, as children's eyes are still developing.

So with this in mind, please don't ask us to put kids in headsets. We just aren't comfortable with it :)

Shivani and I are running a V&A workshop this May, we have some talks and demos lined up (as well as showcasing our work) and in late August/ early September, I'll be bringing a spatial audio workshop to Queen Mary Uni London. More on that as it happens!