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I’m a spatial sound practitioner and interdisciplinary researcher, working with the aesthetics of spatial sound and non-human onto-epistemologies. The subject matter I tend towards centres around ocean environments (such as marine acoustic pollution). As a consequence, I’ve undertaken a range of  collaborations with ocean scientists.  I mostly make sound-led audio-visual installations or sound-only works.  

I’ve worked in studio, live and location environments.
I completed my PhD under the supervision of Becky Stewart (Imperial College London) and Mark Sandler (director of the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary Uni London). I ask questions about what the third dimension of sound affords, aesthetically and ethically. Particularly in its relation to image and environmental concerns. Does it need to synchretise? To adhere to realism? Can it elicit new ways of attentive listening at close range, or from afar? Will it help us to connect, or add to the milieu of mediation, that has us distanced from our collective impact on non-human living systems? 
I completed my masters in the School of Music & Fine Art at the Uni of Kent under Claudia Molitor and Sarah Turner.
I’m from London, and have lived in places like New York, Canada, Sydney and Hong Kong.