I’m undertaking my PhD in the Media & Arts Tech programme at Queen Mary Uni London in the MAT programme, and am based in the Centre for Digital Music research centre. My supervisors are Mark Sandler and Becky Stewart, and I’m grateful to both for their expertise in tech beyond my reach, and their patience for my arts-speak and differently structured way of thinking and articulating things.

Kunst Uni Graz


I undertook the IEM / Kunstuniversitat summer school in 2018 with Gerriet Sharma and the OSIL team, and will be artist in residence during summer 2019, working with the IKO


I undertook a research exchange with the University of Technology Sydney Oct 2018 – Feb 2019 under Andrew Johnston & Sam Ferguson, within the Creativity & Cognition Studios.

Call & Response

Soundstack 2018 worked with Call & Response, London’s only gallery space dedicated to sound in space.


In autumn 2018 I delivered a talk to the Audio Engineering Society North, at York University.

I installed the Xingu Ensemble spatial audio for the People’s Palace Projects in 2018. This exhibition was inspired by the indigenous territory of Xingu. The oca structure in the exhibition takes audiences on a journey to the Ipatse Village, home of the Kuikuro indigenous people in the Xingu region of Brazil, complete with ambisonic sound recordings of the community’s daily life and traditions, recorded by Nathan Mann.

I was workshop chair (and designed the above logo and a few other pieces) for Audio Mostly 2017, which was hosted at Queen Mary Uni.

I delivered a workshop at VRUK with Vanessa Pope and Shivani Hassard entitled ‘I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship: How three siblings (theatre, film and sound) finally learned to share’ where we approached narrative storyboarding in VR by blending theatre, film and sound design perspectives. 

BBC R&D North I had the good fortune to undertake a 5 month research project with R&D North and worked with Alia Sheikh, Mike Evans, and the audio team. Eternal thanks to Chris Pike, Rich Taylor and Tom Parnell.

V&A – digital learning I worked with the V&A’s Head of New Media Arts Development Irini Papadimitriou  to deliver a VR workshop in May, with my co-conspirator Shivani Hassard.

Angell Sound – spatial audio collaboration. I’m working with Nick and Dave in their rather nice audio post studios.

Mutiny Media I won Mutiny’s VR award to make an experimental sound-based VR film, and that’s why Sundowning exists.

I have been doing some work for Andrew Hill of Greenwich University, with Sound Design and Sound for Image students.

University of Hertforshire – school of creative arts  I travelled to Tianjin in April 2017 to teach undergrads at TAFA Art University near Beijing.

Ravensbourne I have worked as a senior lecturer at Ravensbourne and continue to deliver to their undergrad students across creative disciplines.