Queen Mary Uni London - Media & Arts Tech / Centre for Digital Music I'm undertaking my PhD at QMUL in the MAT programme, and am based in the C4DM research centre. My supervisors are Mark Sandler and Becky Stewart, and I'm grateful to both for their expertise in tech beyond my reach, and their patience for my arts-speak and differently structured way of thinking and articulating things.


BBC R&D North I had the good fortune to undertake a 5 month research project with R&D North and worked with Alia Sheikh, Mike Evans, and the audio team. Eternal thanks to Chris Pike, Rich Taylor and Tom Parnell.
University of Hertforshire - school of creative arts  I travelled to Tianjin in April to teach undergrads at TAFA Art University near Beijing.



Ravensbourne I have worked as a senior lecturer at Ravensbourne and continue to deliver to their undergrad students across creative disciplines.
V&A - digital learning I worked with the V&A's Head of New Media Arts Development Irini Papadimitriou  to deliver a VR workshop in May, with my co-conspirator Shivani Hassard.




Angell Sound - spatial audio - collaboration I'm working with Nick and Dave in their rather nice audio post studios.
Mutiny Media I won Mutiny's VR award to make an experimental sound-based VR film, and that's why Sundowning exists.