Distance in audio for VR: constraints and opportunities 

in Proceedings of Audio Mostly 2017 London, UK, Aug 23-26

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Foregrounding expectation: spatial sound-image composition in virtual environments

with Stefano Kalonaris 

in The New Soundtrack Journal, Volume 7 Issue 2, Page 95-110, ISSN 2042-8855 

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Sounds Too True to be Good: Diegetic infidelity - the case for sound in VR

in Journal of Media Practice

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Disparate Sound & Image - presence in cinematic VR

Poster for Doctoral Workshop at Pompeu Fabra University

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Disparity in Horizontal Correspondence of Sound and Source Positioning: The Impact on Spatial Presence for Cinematic VR

in Audio Engineering Society Conference: 2016 AES International Conference on Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality. Audio Engineering Society, 2016

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