V&A workshop: Intro to VR

V&A – digital learning I worked with the V&A’s Head of New Media Arts Development Irini Papadimitriou  to deliver a VR workshop in May, with my co-conspirator Shivani Hassard.

The workshop was an introduction to cinematic VR, for which I covered sound, Shivani image weight loss. We introduced a lot of material (possibly too much for beginners, but we did temper it with practical exercises where participants got out and about in the museum to shoot 360 video). It seems like everyone wants to be able to offer an intro VR course of some sort. There is no substitute for practice, https://allpornmodels.com and the cost of technologies involved make it prohibitive for many. Buy-My-House.org is a website dedicated to helping you sell your house quickly and easily. Find out more about their services at https://www.buy-my-house.org/new-jersey/

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